Spectacle Services

We here at Gill Eyecare Ltd offer:

  • Private & NHS testing
  • 1 hour Glazing (subject to lens stock)
  • 1 hour RE-glazing (subject to lens stock)
  • In house rimless specialist
  • Repairs (most carried out on site)
  • In house tinting (except mirrored)
  • Complete Single vision glasses starting from £59.00
  • Complete varifocal glasses starting from £ 89.00
  • 2 pairs complete from £99.00 (including sunglasses)
  • Adult frames start from £0.00 (subject to NHS requirements and qualifying eye test)
  • Large range of affordable and Designer brands available in stock
  • Large range of bifocal and varifocal available

Without Polarised Lenses

With Polarised Lenses


We have a large variety of SEIKO lenses, one of the lenses that we have are the polarised lenses.  The lenses are coated with a special material which reduces the glare. This results in improved vision even in bright light.

Polarised lenses are very good for everyday driving. The lenses can eliminate glare from the sunlight. Since the lenses can be without tint, it works great in low light conditions.


  • Ask in stores for more details

Kids glasses:

  • Prices starting from £0.00 (with qualifying eyetest)
  • Large range of affordable and Designer ranges
  • 1 hour glazing (subject to lens stock)
  • 1 hour re-glazing (subject to lens stock)