About ChromaGen:

ChromaGen is a unique product that was developed to help patients who suffer from either colour deficiency or academic skills disorder (ASD) including Dyslexia. ChromaGen Haploscopic Filters are a range of precision tinted lenses – individually prescribed for patients – that are worn as either contact lenses or spectacles. In trials, over 97% of colour blind people reported a significant enhancement to their colour vision. In other trials, it was noted that people suffering from reading disorders or ASD have also benefited dramatically, making reading significantly easier when using ChromaGen lenses.

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Achive the following from ChromaGen:

  • Improving general reading skills
  • Make colours brighter and clearer
  • Allow shades of colour, previously unseen, to be observed and discriminated
  • Assist colour naming
  • Enhance safety (e.g more easily identify traffic lights and brake lights)
  • Improve performance in some colour vision tests